The brush dances on the rice paper: a ritual that has drawn the inexhaustible richness of the human soul on paper for millennia. "The painting is subject to ink, the ink is subject to the brush, the brush is subject to the wrist, and the wrist is subject to the heart" (ShiTao 1642-1718). An ageless painting, which favors nature, contemplating nature's forms to reveal the mystery of existence. The elegant simplicity of the brush strokes , a visual meditation that becomes lyric poetry; “Poetry is painting and painting is poetry”, this has always been the ideal, made even more explicit by the presence on the painting of a calligraphic passage: a verse composed by the artist or lines from classic poems . The ideograms themselves, in their elegant forms, become pictorial art: let's not forget that the ideogram is not a simple conventional sign, it was born as the stylized drawing of a real thing and it aims at grasping the essence of things.

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