Traditional Chinese Art:
" Painting is Poetry, Poetry is painting"

I love the millenary culture of China and its traditional arts: painting, sculpture, calligraphy, music, poetry, opera. Such a fruitful and fascinating tradition. At the same time I also love civilizations and literatures from all over the world: Egyptian, Greek, Roman, the Italian Renaissance. I have begun a journey into Chinese culture and art to spread its charm to all parts of the world through this website of mine.
Traditional Chinese painting is an art created in ancient times that has millennia of practice. Despite having distinctive artistic characteristics, it integrates admirably with poetry and calligraphy and is considered a shining pearl of oriental painting.
Traditional Chinese painting emphasizes the artist's inner cultivation and holds in high regard the pursuit of moral and spiritual perfection. It expresses the attitude of a sage, a sort of spiritual inner tranquility, an "empty" and peaceful heart. “宁静至远“: achieve something lasting by leading a quiet life of deep study, constantly perfecting one's skills. “天人合一”: painting becomes a mirror of the harmony between man and cosmos. This is a gradual process of cultivation that continues over time.
Laozi said: “Empty yourself of everything. Let the mind rest at peace. The ten thousand beings rise and fall while the Self watches their return. Returning to the source is stillness, it is returning to one's destiny." Through observation of the natural world and in-depth reflection on human emotions, the artist finally gives color and shape to his own inner thoughts and emotions, integrating them into artistic creation. The magical dance of brush and ink on rice paper, such a unique and fascinating vision! The artist thus expresses a lyrical poetic state that makes people relaxed and happy: “心旷神怡”: carefree heart and spirit in harmony. In fact, the ideal has always been “诗中有画,画中有诗 “Painting in Poetry, Poetry in Painting”.
From here the collection of poems “Butterfly Dreams” was born and the site is enriched with paintings and sculptures by mentors and friends! I believe that good works of art produce emotional resonance, allowing people of different civilizations and countries to enjoy a richer and deeper spiritual life. I sincerely thank Marco for creating this website.

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