To My Teachers

The teachers dedicated their lives to the development of Chinese culture and art, and left behind a large amount of precious spiritual and cultural heritage for future generations. These contributions allow future generations of students to apply, carry forward and innovate what they have teached.
The most unforgettable episode in my life is also the most important stage in my life, that is: when I embarked on my trip to Europe, my well-read mentors took care of me. It was good to go out and see, expand my horizons, increase my knowledge, and learn more, inherit and carry forward Chinese traditional culture and art! Unexpectedly, the encouragement and teachings from my mentors have now become their last words!
Life is like a flower blooming and falling. What I have been watching silently now is the peaceful and quiet bright moon.

Chen Chong's mentors and friends:

Zhang Yibo
Wang Zhenfeng
Qu Zhangfu
Feng Ji
Liu Wenxi